Karyn and I have been married since 1996, and we are delighted to be raising five beautiful children: Quinn, Xander, Kayne, Kore, and Kai.


As the lead pastor of Good Shepherd, I am thrilled that you are exploring our church online. As you do, my prayer is that you will catch a genuine glimpse of us and that you will want to come and see us for yourself, up close and in person.

We are a growing family, a beautiful work in progress, an inter-generational group of people who have one thing in common: we have longed for more out of life and we have come to believe that an authentic, ever-deepening faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to get it. In our desire to experience the fullness of life, none of us can say that we have arrived. We can say, however, that we are living more fully today than ever before and that being involved with this church has everything to do with that reality. To be sure, we are more than a little excited to be pursuing life beyond belief with one another, and we would love nothing more than to share it with you.


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