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Rev. Kyle Wallace preparing to serve communion.

Where do I go once I arrive at the YMCA?


From the parking lot, simply enter the Y through its main doors. Once inside, expect to be greeted by one or more of our members and to grab a cup of our delicious Land of a Thousand Hills coffee. Ultimately, make your way up the stairs (or elevator) near the back of the lobby. Overlooking the lake on one side, we worship in what the Y calls its group exercise room and what we call the Upper Room.


How large is the church?


On any given Sunday, nearly thirty-five households and around one hundred people gather for worship. We would love for you to join us as our church grows both deeper and wider.


How should I dress?


On Sunday mornings, we gather to worship the One who loves us just as we are, even as we remember that He is Lord of lords and King of kings. Therefore, we encourage everyone to wear not their “Sunday best” but rather their “authentic best.” That, of course, means something different for everyone.


Do I need to bring any money?


During the course of our gathering, we invite everyone present to make an offering unto the Lord as a way of acknowledging his great generosity toward us, as a way of remembering that everything we have actually belongs to him, and as a way of demonstrating that we want to be good managers of it. The collective offering is then used throughout the year to further our kingdom-focused vision and values.


How long does the gathering last, and how is the time spent?


Benefitting from the rich liturgical treasury of the Church — the variety of ways that God’s people have worshiped throughout history — we incorporate music and singing, the reading of scripture, a gospel proclamation, corporate prayer and confession, and the sacrament of Holy Communion on a weekly basis. Ultimately, we spend about ninety minutes every Sunday morning prioritizing fellowship, prayer, the apostles’ teaching, and the breaking of bread.


How does Communion work?


As the pinnacle or culmination of our worship gathering, weekly Communion serves as an unrivaled means of grace in the life of a Christian; in other words, it nourishes us unlike any other meal. In it we receive the sustenance to stand firm in our faith, even as it provides a foretaste of the heavenly banquet that awaits those who trust Jesus to the end. Further, it brings together around one table the locally gathered family of God, thereby reminding us that we are his children and, by extension, brothers and sisters in Christ. As a result, the Communion meal is one of the great privileges, if not the primary privilege, of God’s covenantal children and is therefore offered to all baptized Christians, regardless of age or denominational affiliation. As an alternative, we invite those who are not baptized to participate in this special time by coming forward for a prayer of blessing by the priest.


What is the music like?


Accompanied by gifted vocalists, our musicians leverage various instruments –guitar, keyboard, djembe, violin, cello — to blend traditional hymns and contemporary songs throughout the entire gathering. Our music team has emerged from within our congregation and, rather than performing for or singing on behalf of the rest of us, its members seek to create an environment in which everyone present can worship the Lord through song.


What is available for young children during the worship gathering? Teens?


When it comes to children, our desire is to provide them with a meaningful worship experience without segregating them from the larger body. To do so, we offer a three-step process for children: infants and toddlers remain with our paid childcare workers during the entire gathering; children age 4 through 5th grade begin in the sanctuary, go with their peers and teachers for the Ministry of the Word portion of the gathering (using the Godly Play model and curriculum), and then return to the sanctuary in time for Communion; and children in 6th grade and older participate in the entire gathering.




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